Cristianesimo nella storia, Index 1980-2019

The volume that collects the general indexes of the journal from 1980 to 2019

On the forty-year anniversary of the birth of Cristianesimo nella storia, a volume that collects the general indexes of the magazine from 1980 to 2019 has been published, including articles, notes, reviews, abstracts and topics.
Ed. Il Mulino

The volume contains an introduction by Silvia Scatena and Federico Ruozzi who, based on the data collected and processed by Elia Orselli, provides a detailed retrospective look at the periodical’ s activity in the four decades of its existence.

The indexing work, edited by Carlotta Giametta, was carried out starting from the integration of the repertoire prepared for the thirty-year anniversary of the journal with the added consideration of the indexes published at the end of each year of the last decade; it then continued by means of a complicated operation of normalization and general revision.

The result is the compilation of a single document, usable in both paper and digital versions, which has renewed awareness of the delicacy of the construction of this tool, indispensable even in the context of the irreversible pervasiveness of the digital environment.