Il Concilio in mostra

In an effort to place the affair of the Council in a historical context that is in no way one of formidable myths, but that of the Berlin Wall, the Cuba crisis, the Kennedy assassination, and Vietnam, the exhibition offered visitors a sequence of didactic panels and discoveries of material, alternating with videos constructed from contemporary television images, which explained the contexts by accompanying the environments with music composed or played in those years.

From 1962 to 1965, the national television company measured itself against an event of unusual historical magnitude, that is to say, Vatican II. It was able, thanks to the collaboration of illustrious historians such as Giuseppe Alberigo, Paolo Prodi and Boris Ulianich, to produce the first broadcasts that explained to Italians what a council actually was.

In those broadcasts, there flows a repertoire of interviews of great theological, spiritual and historical importance. After the council, Luca Di Schiena would host the program Diario del concilio, a database of images and emotions connected to the development of Vatican II and to the church that constitutes both its context and its product. Il concilio in mostra wanted to offer a rigorous and generous account of this true communicative revolution.

The exhibition was presented in three cities: at the Museo Civico Archeologico in Bologna from 17 December 2005 to 25 January 2006; at Palazzo Incontro in Rome from 24 July to 24 August 2008; at Palazzo della MIA in Bergamo from 22 November to 21 December 2008.