Bibbia e razzismo

Razzismo dalla Bibbia / Bibbia contro il razzismo

This exhibition, curated by Silvia Cristofori, organized a journey through images, texts and videos, along a temporal axis that lasts from the 18th century to the 1970s. The purpose was to illustrate the biblical foundations of racism (as an instrument and inspiration of oppression and discrimination) and of anti-racism (as an instrument and inspiration of the struggle against white supremacy). In this sense, from this path, the Bible emerges as a source of conflict and as a text that is neither neutral nor pre-existent to the interpretations it is capable of inspiring.

The entire exhibition aimed to clarify not only the developments and discontinuities of the biblical discourse on difference and equality, but also the intertwining that came to be created between this same discourse and scientific racism.

Realized with the contribution of MIUR (grants for the dissemination of scientific culture, Call for Proposals 2012), the exhibition is divided into seven sections: late eighteenth century; Bible and representation of Africa; Bible vs. slavery; Biblical curse and colonialism; Savage pagans/civilized Christians; The Bible brought by blacks; South Africa, the Bible against Babel; Noah vs. Moses. It was hosted by FSCIRE from March to June 2014.